XK Blast K110 – Powerful 3G Brushless RC Helicopter

The XK Bast K110 is a powerful Brushless RC Helicopter that offers switchable 6G and 3G flight modes. It is powerful, agile and and perfect for beginners and advance users alike.

3G Brushless RC Helicopter

SpecsXK Blash K110
Design6CH flybarless single blade helicopter
MotorsMain: 1106 Brushless
Tail: 0720 Brushed Coreless
TransmitterFutaba S-FHSS
6 Channnel
Flight Modes6G Mode (3 axis gyro)
3G Mode
Dimensions245 x 270 x 77mm
Weight: 58.5g
Battery3.7V 450mAh 25C LiPo
Flight Time: 6-7 minutes


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This RC Heli comes with a Powerful Brushless Main Motors. It is capable of 3G and 6G Mode switch, 6G mode is for more subtle and stable flight and 3G mode makes it more agile, powerful and fast. For beginners 6G Mode is the best option.

3G mode grants access to 3 axis gyro, and you can do acrobatics here. 6G mode operates 6 axis gyro and is super stable

The RC is compatible with Futaba S-FHSS Transmitter and highly responsive.

The build quality is quite good also, even with a plastic canopy, it is still resilient to crashes.

Overall, it is a great entry level RC Heli and perfect for Amateurs and professionals. It is powerful, agile and fast.


Flight time is fairly short, around 5-6 minutes on 6G mode and much lesser on 3G mode. Also 3G mode isn’t beginner friendly and not meant to be flown indoors on this mode.

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