Walkera Vitus Starlight – Low Light Camera

The Walkera Vitus Starlight is a premium grade foldable RC Drone that features a specialize camera for low ultra low light. The drone also features Dual GPS system and powerful Brushless Motors.

Specialize Low Light Camera

Where to Buy?

Walkera Vitus Starlight retails at $915 Use Coupon Code: RC18OFF

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Highlights of the Walkera Vitus Starlight:

  • Camera is extremely sensitive to low light (Specialized to low light)
  • 1080p @ 30 fps with High Shutter speed (Shorter Exposure time, best to take images at night)
  • Low luminance, moonlight luminance and Starlight Luminance
  • Foldable Design
  • Built in Dual GPS System (GPS and GLONASS)
  • Camera Gimbal
  • Brushless Motors
  • 5.8GHz FPV Real Time Transmission

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