About Me

Hi there, Vincent here

Thank you for visiting my site, this website is dedicated to all amateur and experience users of RC (Radio Controlled) Drones. I am personally new to this RC Drone Hobby but as soon as i flew my first drone, i was hooked and love every bit of it. 

But there is always a catch, most of this RC Drones in the market are pricy, that’s why i dedicate this site to find the most affordable but reliable devices available. The site also includes guides and tips available to help those who are new to this trend. You can also find advance drones here that offer powerful features, if you like Aerial Drone then the Cheerson CX-20 might be your best bet. If you want long flight time, then the FUAV Seraphi is probably the best option. There are also cheaper sub$100 alternatives, which are best suited for beginners and you can test your flight skills first before going into more expensive and powerful drones. The Walkera Runner 250 is a Racing Drone and best for experience users.

              Vincent                 Promoter and Reviewer